Friday, December 21, 2007

Yule Log

Hey, I am a Daring Baker, and have the privilege of successfully completing the December challenge, ‘Yule Log’.

Finally D-day dawned and having got all the ingredients ready, set out for the major expedition. I was a bit apprehensive as there were some comments about the butter cream curdling and not enough to cover the log. For me it was a beginners everything went smooth, the butter cream did not curdle, had enough of the cream to cover the log.

I wanted to have my log a bit on the darker-brown side; but was afraid to break the rules. Sprinkled some coco powder on the finished log and got a bit of a dark-brown.

In fact, I was not too sure whether to have two stumps or one. Made two actually, and my son said “ That looks strange!” chop-chop went the upper stump.

So get ready to see my log ;)

Look forward to the next challenge and am sure I’ll do a better job than this one.