Saturday, March 29, 2008

Party Cake :)

was very excited to do this challenge as I’d never attempted a layered cake before. I got a close friend to join me with this challenge and as we were based at two different locations we decided to do it separately and then compare notes. My friend backed out at the last minute …traitor !!!!!! And I went on to do mine…and make a lovely creation.

It was the Holy Week (Maundy Thursday) and also ‘Prophets B’day’ in our part of the world, so Thursday was declared a holiday. I decided to do my ‘Party Cake’ quite early in the morning. Woke up and ran to the kitchen with a spring in my step. I had kept the eggs and butter outside the previous night.

I followed the recipe to the ‘T’…… including the 9” cake pan. Later, when the cake was ready, I wondered if a smaller pan would have given more height to the cake. The cake did not rise much ..just a wee bit and it was difficult to slice it into two horizontally, but I did it nevertheless.

Added strawberry jam and decorated it with a few strawberries as well. My hubs sister was visiting from Riyadh and I sent half the cake to them. A big chunk went to my husbands colleague at work, who has a sweet tooth. The remaining was wolfed by one of my son and hubby dearest the same day…the excuse for not keeping any for the next day was…"Tomorrow is Good Friday…and we are fasting….so lets feast today" !!!!!

On the whole….a lovely challenge….had fun doing this one !!!!


French Bread – 2nd Attempt ;)

Seeing all the lovely French bread on other Daring Bakers blogs filled me with blog envy L. Mine looked like a piece of crap. A friend of mine even said they looked gros. Well, I will only say that the pictures did not do enough justice ..coz the taste was lovely and they did not look as bad as the pics looked.

I decided to try it out again…not ‘Boules’ but ‘Batards’..and here they are…… I am proud of them J….. Hope you like them too. I am gonna do them again..thats for sure !!